Authoritative Websites

Founded in 2018, Sea of Reeds Media owns and operates seven websites that are united by a simple principle: excellent writing and original reporting create subject matter authority that cannot be “machine learned” or “artificially intelligenced.” Our sites are written by real journalists for real audiences.


We publish smart, funny commentary from the Internet’s best writers. Book and Film Globe features movie reviews, film essays and criticism, book reviews and first-person literary essays. We also cover TV and streaming entertainment.


An independent, professional news website obsessively chronicling everything political throughout the state of California.


Fine Art Globe is a New York City based website that covers the visual arts, from galleries to museums, collectors to curators, painters to photographers. If it moves you visually, it’s worthy of Fine Art Globe’s attention.


Covering the technology, people and culture of the cryptocurrency and blockchain world


This political news site is hyper local and statewide. The state’s influencers, power brokers, lobbyists, elected officials as well as the re-energized activist crowd, consider it a daily must read. It doesn’t matter where the news leads, it will be vigorously reported here.


Rock and Roll Globe was founded as a way to provide a platform for writers to share their intimate musical opinions and experiences beyond their personal networks.

The Book House

Do your shelf a favor. The Book House is more than a bookstore. It’s a community hub, with author book signings, book clubs and even an occasional musical performance. Visit us in Millburn, New Jersey, or order any book from our storefront on, which supports independent booksellers.

Telling Important Stories: Film Division

Sea of Reeds Media is committed to telling stories in whatever format moves and uplifts its audience.

Material Issue and the Power Pop Renaissance

Sea of Reeds Media is serving as Executive Producer for a documentary about the Chicago rock trio Material Issue and the legacy of its frontman Jim Ellison.

Holidays In Cambodia

From 1975 to 1979, Cambodia’s communist Khmer Rouge regime was responsible for the deaths of 1.8 million Cambodians. The genocide wiped out nearly 24 percent of the total population. This is the story of one Cambodian who survived that era. With courage, guile, and a lot of luck, Quang Lam traversed the entire country. On foot. Twice.

We Need to Talk Poster

We Need to Talk

A video game celebrity, who speaks to millions of fans every day, has to figure out how to talk to the people he loves. The second scripted feature from AmpliFLY Productions is currently being shot in Philadelphia by writer director Todd Wolfe and features a cast of talented young actors.